Terms of service

The terms of service for Yui fresh delivery service is the following:

  1. Ordering process: Customers can order from YuiFresh.com or contact us via Line Official to place the order. We accept payment via credit card and bank transfer. The minimum order requirements is 600 Thb.

  2. Delivery terms: We have free delivery 5 km from our service point and we do same day delivery and next day delivery, as ordered by the customer. The vegetables and meat is closely packed and delivered to keep freshness and quality of the food during delivery.

  3. Cancellation and refund policy: Once placed order customers are not allowed to cancelling orders or obtain refunds. Only in circumstances like faulty in product under which refunds will be issued.

  4. Quality and freshness: We are commitment to providing fresh and high-quality food everyday.

  5. Liability: Once the order has been delivered the customers are responsible to handle and keep the vegetables and meat by themselves.

  6. Intellectual property: YuiFresh.com hold all rights of any intellectual property rights associated with the company's website, branding, or other materials.

  7. Dispute resolution: YuiFresh.com will handles disputes or complaints from customers, if any, right away and take steps to resolve the issue.

It is important to carefully review the terms of service of YuiFresh.com service from to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a customer.